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The Taste of Magic

There's good in most every bad boy—
It just takes the right woman to find it. . .

Adrian du Lac is not your average vampire. Nearly two thousand years old, he uses immortality to his advantage. Living the life of a successful businessman—what he really wants is to rule the world. Originally, he sought Katerina Romanov for her latent powers of witchcraft. But now that she’s come of age, his desires have changed. When Katerina succumbs to Adrian’s charms, some fear the vampire will become invincible. As du Lac’s enemies set out to destroy him once and for all, he and Katerina run the risk of losing each other forever.

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Sophie left Josh twice before. Now she's back, in danger and begging for his help. His heart wants to believe her. His anger won't let him.

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The Night Club

Isabella Maresca, last in a long line of vampire hunters, plans to continue her family's legacy, despite having lost both parents. In her inexperience, she has failed to realize the vampire who has been stalking her family for generations is right under her nose.

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Fallen Angel Reviews

5 Angels and a Recommended Read!
"The Taste of Magic is one of the best books I've read in a long time. Gina Rosavin hooked me from the first page of the book and never let me go until the end.”

The Romance Studio

5 Hearts
“Gina Rosavin pens a well-crafted story that this reader thoroughly enjoyed. The dialogue is excellent, the passion intense, and the characters remarkably fashioned. With powerful wizards, vampires, and witches spells, this enchanting tale has about everything to please the reader. Bravo to Ms. Rosavin for an extraordinary read.”

Love Romances&More

4 Hearts
“Gina Rosavin's A TASTE OF MAGIC is filled with witches, vampires, magical powers and lots of energy. None of the characters are what they first appear. This paranormal romance has readers caught in the web of secrets they hold. This is definitely an author to keep an eye on.”

Coffee Time Romance

“Ms. Rosavin pens a lively story of vampires, betrayal, and revenge. Her characters are both charismatic and sympathetic. Even the dialogue between characters is crisp.”


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